Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Best 10 Photographs from 2015

I didn't wander far from my El Portal home during 2015.  The drought on top of preparing for a wilderness adventure took much of my time away from photography until summer.  My first backcountry adventure of the year started out with balmy spring weather soon followed by about a foot of heavy wet snow.  It made for amazing photography and some cold feet.

This summer My wife, my friend Dave, and I spent our entire summer vacation in Yosemite's Wilderness.  We spent most of our time in the more remote northern end of the park where we explored wild flower filled canyons and pristine lakes while getting our share of rain and even a little snow.   I  finished spending 54 nights in the wilderness only coming home for one night to eat pizza and drink a beer. 

This fall Mara and I got out to explore some areas of Yosemite Valley that I can only get to while being in good physical shape.  

Finally, I couldn't resist trying to get one last photograph over New Year's Eve.  Lucky for California, Yosemite is slowly building a snow pack but we have a ways to go before getting out of this drought.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous images! I envy you being so close to this amazing wilderness not to mention you're physical stamina to hike to such places! I'm sadly a bit out of shape for this kind of hiking now.

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